Family of Fans

Family of Fans

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Real" Camping

When Paul and I first got married, he was a virgin camper. His family had the mentality that "camping" meant a Super 8 or Motel 6 that didn't have ESPN or SportsCenter.

You know you're really camping when you either (A) have to squat in the trees, or (B) have to do your business in an outhouse. (Sorry ESPN, no SportsCenter, and not even cell service!) I have to say, that after 13 years of practice, my man is pretty good at real camping.

When I was growing up, we would always camp in the Uintah's just east of Kamas, UT. My parents, along with us and my brothers and sisters-in-law, have been making it a point to get to our favorite campground every year.

It just so happens that we always seem to see moose while camping. This year was no exception.
(Here's the little fella...not the BIG man on campus)

Marquessa got up close and personal without meaning to. She walked out onto the path at the same time the moose did, and they spooked each other. Back at camp, I only heard the scream (and my heart literally skipped a beat), and looked up to see the biggest moose I've ever seen.

But, to hear Paul tell the story Marquessa jumped straight out of her shoes and ran off without them, just like a cartoon. Walking back to camp, he was carrying her in one arm, and her shoes in the other. The moose (two of them) stuck around our camp the 3 days we were there, but didn't get as close again.

We also went fishing.
(Courtney's first fish!)

Why? Because Courtney wanted to catch a fish. I don't particularly enjoy fishing, and I don't eat fish...but, we go because that is what my family likes to do. It was hilarious to watch Courtney get excited about the fish, and then...not so much!, when the fish flopped off the hook straight at her. Poor kid almost peed herself screaming in fear.

Uh...we're having bad luck with the wildlife this summer. First the "camel incident", then the moose, and now the fish...oh, boy.

Here, in the mountains, on this river (his river)...this is how I will always remember my dad, fishing.
Not to worry folks, he's in fantastic health and not going anywhere, anytime soon. This is the dad of my childhood memories, that's all.

(the Utah Cousins hanging out in the eagle's nest)

We'll keep the rest to ourselves...we've got to have a few secrets about a few of our favorite things!! ;)

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