Family of Fans

Family of Fans

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Fun...and not so fun...

The month of February is the shortest month on the calendar. You'd think then, that one could get away with spending less than in an average month...right? Not this year, not at this house.

February was a ridiculously expensive month!

The "not-so-fun" part: Between the 4 of us, we went to the doctor 9 times in 3 weeks. Between the office co-pays and the prescriptions, we spent more money there - than our 3 days in Disneyland (which occurred in the same time frame). I told the doctor this, and told him he could at least put us on a Merry-Go-Round for crying out loud. We had a good laugh over it.

The fun part was definitely Disneyland. 3 magic-filled days, 2 of which we spent with good friends - and 1 day enjoying a little family time.

(On Heimlich's train ride in Bug's Land)

Marquessa is now 40" tall...which meant, she could pretty much ride anything. She was NOT a fan of Space Mountain, and kept reminding us that "That was NOT good!" throughout the day. Her favorite ride was Soarin' Over California at California Adventure.

Courtney is just 2 inches shorter, but still got to ride on some things she hadn't the year before. Her favorite new ride was "The Mattahown" (Matterhorn). I'm so proud of her...we didn't have any potty accidents the whole trip! Way to go sis!

(Pirate Island, treehouse)

Lil' Courtney also turned 3 this month! Where in the world does time go?

Courtney is such a fantastic little girl. She is constantly making us laugh, and surprising us with her intelligence and wit. She wanted an "Ariel" cake...does this surprise anyone? I could have guessed it'd be Ariel, or a "Ducky" cake. I thought it turned out pretty cute. Courtney was happy with it, and that's all that matters! :)

We also had lunch with her birthmom, SaraJane, to celebrate. Courtney picked Pei Wei for lunch. (What is seriously funnier than watching a 3 year old try to eat with chopsticks?!) Her favorite foods are chicken, broccoli and rice. Pei Wei's got it all!

I love reflecting on how absolutely amazing Courtney's life journey has been so far, and considering the circumstances that brought her to our family. I love thinking about how special our relationship with SaraJane is. Paul and I were talking after our birthday lunch date with Courtney's adoption would feel so hollow and incomplete without our knowing her. I'm so incredibly grateful to have gained not only a daughter, but an amazing friend...