Family of Fans

Family of Fans

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Way Things Are Done...

I have dragged my feet about doing a blog for a few years, but the time has arrived. Apparently, "blogging" is the best and most efficient way of having a voice in the adoption world. There are things to be said about adoption from this house, and we're going to say them!!

So, let me start with a cyber "shout out" to the girls birthmothers - who have allowed me to include them in this process and in our search for our next "missing piece".

Birthmothers are incredible and amazing women. They grow babies for families who have dysfunctional tools for baby making, like us. They love their babies so much that they go through personal heartache and difficulty to give them everything they want to...and can...only by placing them in an adoptive home. Birthmothers are strong, brave, and courageous. I see them as literal saviors on the earth: defining the term "savior" as one who does something for another, who cannot do it for themselves.

I am grateful for Anne and SaraJane for being such "saviors" for me and my family.

But, I cannot use the term "savior" at this time of year without expressing love and gratitude for Jesus Christ (THE Savior), and God - our Father in Heaven. I'm grateful for the love I have felt and the opportunities They have given me through this blessed gift of adoption.

Merry Christmas